Centrepiece pendant


Well….it’s been how many years since my last post?   ….Blogland, I’ve missed you.  And so I return, but this time with a toddler and a shop.  How things have changed around here!   I’ve done a very tricky link to my new etsy shop in the sidebar, using the gallery link and the “links” link, which, I rediscovered, lists things in alphabetical order.  Hence the “Ahh” before the “My Etsy shop” .    I thought I had completely forgotten everything about blogging because I wouldn’t get the widget to work. Then I looked for some help in the forums and found that the mini etsy code doesn’t work in WordPress. Always good to ask for help, I’ve discovered.

So…what have I been working on?  Mostly projects that I can bring with me to coffee shops where my toddler sleeps. Very portable projects like embroidered pendants and wrIting. Both of which I am going to do more of this year…along with blogging!