Have you seen the video doing the rounds on Facebook about the disconnection that can occur through social media? 

I found it quite moving and it got me thinking. 

I occasionally find people have linked to really interesting articles on Facebook but I do have to wade through a lot of vapid and fairly brain numbing posts to find them.  Yet I , like most people I expect, get caught up in the trashy posts as well as the intelligent ones. 

I also really dislike the hurried atmosphere of Facebook; the pressure to respond immediately and then to check on what others have said before responding again….not to mention the conversations in the real world that begin with ” Did you see….post on Facebook….” 

In contrast, blogging, which used to feel so immediate, feels so slow now….and that’s the way I like it!  I also like the little niche alcoves you can find in blogland; people who are exploring the same interests as you and sharing their thoughts, skills and work.  It feels more intimate and supportive…even if you never meet these people you do genuinely share a love of something. 

So I think I’ll be trying to do less face booking and more blogging!  Even if nobody reads my blog it’s still a great way to record my creative explorations. 


And and so this post begins with my latest exploration….pin looms!