I’m finding it hard to get any time at all to do anything creative with a toddler.  Which is not to say that we don’t do creative things together. We do!  But my own stuff is left lingering on the doing room table.  It’s hard to find time or space to do any fine work, controlled work, work that requires obseravtion.


So I have discovered mixed media, and I love it. I can put down a wash of colour, and return later, when I can, to add some tissue paper. I might then not return for a couple of days, but when I do I see shapes and patterns that look like…..something. I can sketch an outline before being whisked away by my toddlers laugh.  I can see a pattern on a toy or household item that might be printed in ink on the paper, perhaps a tyre track, or rubber starfish might provide inspiration.   I can return, and layer, and strip back…..in fact I think that’s a valid process on its own that just happens to ft in with my mothering style.

I can reframe or cut things up. Perhaps the above piece looks better in close up!