This year I had planned to study.  Originally I had planned to study psychology with the view to becoming a school counsellor. It was a finacially based decision that would have relied upon getting a distinction average and being accepted into a scholarship program, which last year promsied a pay packet for study in return for a contract. Well, long story short, the program changed its requirements and I withdrew….and what a relief that was!

Now I have been able to finally make a stronger committment to both my writing practice (which I already have a degree in) and my art practice. So more work, and more fun!

So just for fun, and to help keep me motivated and learning, I have enrolled in Sketchbook school!  It’s a totally different sketching style to what I am used to and it’s so much fun.

Here’s my blind contour drawing.  When my husband saw it appear on our computer he said “That’s a good idea, we should save some of his (our 6 year old’s) drawings.

blind contour


Its my boot, by the way.