The colour bloomed on the fabric, each tiny thread carrying it farther away from the source.  Conduits all, betraying her fine, careful work. She sucked her finger. It didn’t hurt, yet she cried.  A tear. One only. One was all it took.  It found it’s mark and dispersed the blood even more effectively along the material. Now the stain reached the pearle floss, so lovingly punched between the threads and twisted back on itself before plunging down once again through the tiny hole.   This was a mess.

It was meant to be a suprise.  A work designed in love and purposefulness. Reaching across to them.  Healing the rift, as it appeared to her.  That was what it was meant to be. She hadn’t managed that. Perhaps they wouldn’t notice the stain. Perhaps they wouldn’t notice the work.  Perhaps they wouldn’t notice her at all.

It had happened before.  Last Summer.  The gift had been given. The final step in it’s journey.  It had been on her needles for months.  Months. They did not know this.  How could they? It was a secret so carefully tucked away that, even whilst in the yarn store, Sarah had diverted their attention while she paid for the softest merino wool in a colour that they had just exclaimed upon without attracting the least attention.  This was a skill she possesed.  She could melt into the air while others around her chatted on incessantly, thinking  that she was thinking about, (and paying attention to) what they were saying.  She had an uncanny ability to nod and sigh and smile at exactly the right moment in a conversation.  But it wasn’t a conversation was it?  Doesn’t that require two people?  Like knitting requires two sticks.  Yet, that too can be challenged. But Sarah only challenged in silence.  Still, that was quite effective at times.  Or at least, protective. 

“Ahhhhh” . Sarah let out a long sigh as the final traces of blood swirled down the drain encased in the luke-warm water.  They would never know.  It was a wonder, how blood could be so easily drained if you were quick enough.  But now it would have to dry before she started again. She would have to rest.