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In 2016 I took part in the Colour Me Positve journal challenge, and I got so much from it including new techniques and creative discipline. I fell off the wagon last year but and hoping to do it again this year…but it’s changed slightly and is now being run from the Colour me positive blog

Now this just happens to be a WordPress blog, so it is super easy for me and I hope it might get me blogging again!

So here is my first journal page for 2018.



What do you do when you go out to a cafe with your peerless watercolours and forget your aquabrush?  Use the Serviette  and go with the bluntish textured marks it makes. 

Luckily I also had some pens. I worked on a page that also had a print on it.  Might do some more when I get home. 

So I thought I’d paint a mixed media picture for my son, and I thought I’d get some input….after all it will hang in his room and I hope he’ll like it.  Turns out he’s got very specific ideas at the age of 3 and 1/2. So far he’s liked pretty much everything I’ve done, he’s just made suggestions on thing to add in…like his fire engine.


And so I’ve come up with this but….guess what ? He doesn’t like the owl!  Now it’s not finished yet…but he’s adamant that there is to be no owl. It’s too scary.

So I’m thinking of chopping it square and keeping it focused on the boy (my son) in the tent.


Minus the owl’s tail of course.



So, I managed to connect up the bottom right wings so they were less like a mossy rock thrown through the window.  But it still lacked the vibrancy I was hoping for and  the attention was still in the bottom right being of quite a different texture to the rest of the painting due to the wash. So….


I added some richer colours. Some washes. Some metallic even!  And I added some finer lines to my “mistake” to lighten it…..and  now I really like it again!

I received, or rather bought for myself, a Gelli plate for Christmas. It’s so much fun. I loved the result with ordinary craft paints so much that I went out and bought some professional acrylic paints.  I haven’t used acrylics since high school and remember really hating them. Ever since  I have usually used watercolours or pastels.  But I love the way the acryllics mix on the Gelli plate.

image image

(Please excuse the shaddows on the photo…we have overhead lighting and the only time I got to photograph these was at night)

I’ve discovered that, particularly on ghost prints where there is more white paper left, I can add details with water colour, water colour pens and inktense blocks, afterwards.


So so now I need to buy some more paints!

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