Embroidered Cuff

More experimentation.  This is an embroidered cuff.  It’s inspired by the ocean and all it’s tiny treasures.  There was no pattern for this.  I just improvised as I went along, consulting my embroidery stitches books to see what I could adapt to the theme.  I like this one, though I haven’t worn it yet.  Embarrassed? Shy? Wanting people to comment?  Not wanting people to comment?  Perhaps fish would make kind comments?



I’ve made a toggle sort of thingy at one end and a button hole at the other to attach it.  I’m not sure that this is entirely practical as you have a be a bit careful with the embroidery stitches on the toggle as you pull it through.  Next time I might just use a nice cylindrical button.  Ahh…there’s always next time.