Fair Isle Cushion

Knitted Cushion Cover

Progress.  This is a bit of a weird one.  It’s a cushion cover I’m making with left over wool.  Not my usual colour combinations and different patterns one each side.  One side is Fair Isle knitting and one side is Mosaic knitting.  I think this may represent what’s going on inside my brain at the moment. It’s all an experiment.


fair isle cushionback of fair isle cushion

I’ve finished this particular experiement.  I’t looks ok – if you don’t look too closely.  Because I knit it on the fly and chose to knit the flap that goes over the back to secure the pillow in stocking stitch, it was (as you would expect – except that I didn’t) wider than the mosaic stitch back it covered.  So I had to stitch a bit more of it into the seam when sewing it up.   But if you don’t count the rows across it doesn’t show too much. Perhaps to an un-knittered eye it won’t show.  I am pleased with the combination of colours though, even though it’s a bit strange and I wouldn’t normally think of using pink and red in the same piece.  I think it works in this case because they are separated by the greens.  My partner likes it, at any rate.

It was knit from a 5 ply crepe %100 wool using a combination of patterns from “The Knitting Stitch Bible” by Maria Parry-Jones


Wine and Roses Mitts – Interweave knits Winter 2006

Wine and roses mitts - grey and red

I’ve begun knitting the Wine and Roses mitts from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 issue.  I’ve changed the colours and decided to do the edgings in a contrasting colour to break up the grey a bit.  This is using a 3 ply Rubi and Lana %100 wool.

I have also made the mitts using a 2 ply Rubi and Lana %100 wool

compare and contrast gloves

What a difference?  The blue 2 ply (Laceweight to O/S knitters) is much more lacy. What a difference 1 ply makes.  I like them both. Of course the grey ones will look better once they’re blocked.  They are for a present. I hope the recipient likes them.