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I would love to say that my industriousness has paid off.  That the vision in my head matches the page.  But, it doesn’t.  I still like the vision concept though, so I will post this next papercut.   It’s a bit rough around the edges, literally.  I think it does look a little neater in person, I guess the camera is picking up every flaw, and I obviously need to work on my technique….Technique? technique?  There’s a technique?  I say there must be a technique to having a steady hand.



I finished my Pay-it- Forwards gifts a month or so, ago.  The post made it through and so I can now post my knitted “Urchin” hat by Ysoldaimga0609

I was really pleased with how it turned out and would love to knit one for myself.  It was an easy but interesting knit due to the short rows, and its structure means that it doesn’t just “flop” on your head.   I hand dyed the wool and really like the purple/pink variation.  It’s done in double stranded Patons Jet.  You do have to be a bit careful dyeing this one as it has a tendency to felt – I found out through trial and error!

I seem to be dilly dallying around trying to work out what to make people for Christmas.  I can’t seem to decide what anyone would actually like.  I’m trying to find a way of making this a thrify Christmas as the bank balance is a little stretched but I also don’t want to make dodgy things that  people won’t like.  I’m not a fast knitter so I don’t think knitted items are feasible…unless I do another Urchin for my sister…  I gave her a loom beaded necklace last year which was quite nice.  She’s always so gracious when it comes to receiving my handmade gifts.  She deserves something really nice.  Why can’t I think?

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